Inferno SixtySix: half a million dollar and a new Home

Inferno SixtySix © Courtesy Slide or Die

Bologna, October 9, 2021 – Inferno SixtySix is nine years old and relies only on his first two crops. His 2021 prospects are waiting to prove their real value both in the Us and Eu Futurities by the end of the season, but… In the meanwhile, he has already crossed the half a million milestone thanks to the winning performances of his many daughters and sons all around the world.

Inferno SixtySix is the outstanding stallion of the second millennium. He is the only one that, in an average comparison between his standing seasons and the total earnings of his production, is following the path of iconic Wimpys Little Step‘s record.


And now, Inferno SixtySix is moving

The charismatic son of two giants in the Quarter Horse industry like 6 Million Dollar Sire Gunnatrashya and the top mare Snip O Gun (+$1M Dam) spent most of his life as an athlete and as a Sire at the prestigious Cardinal Ranch di Aubrey, Texas.

«Inferno is giving us back unpredictable satisfactions» Domenico Lomuto explains. «Even if we were aware of his genetic, personal and agonistic value, he is well beyond any expectation. Therefore, we thought it was time to take a further step as far as his sire career goes. That’s why we choose a prime partner like Toyon Ranch that will be his new home. Our friend John Tague is investing in a modern and innovative breeding program. Based on a selection of the most important mares available at the moment in the reining world. Cardinal has been the ideal place to give birth to Inferno’s saga. His show career will always be linked to Franco Bertolani and this Ranch. While saying good-bye, I will never get tired to express my thankfulness to João Marcos».

A new start

Inferno’s historical breeding manager, Giorgia Codeluppi – aka ‘Mamma Giorgia’ – will carry on with her mission. «I started Inferno in the round pen when he was only two years old. He already showed his seraphic attitude. Nothing much of this world could get very close to him… Which is exactly the attitude that made him so special in and outside the arena. I had the privilege to spot his qualities since the first week he was with us, and I brought them to Franco’s attention. I was there when he grew into a show-pen Champion and later a young and promising Sire. I’ll keep looking after him in close cooperation with Toyon Ranch staff. They’re all excellent professionals in the breeding industry, under both technical and organizing aspects».

She is joined by John Tague, the owner of Toyon Ranch, located in Pilot Point north of Denton, in an area of the beating heart of U.S. reining.

«I am thrilled to add this excellent new guest to the others already standing at our Ranch. We are setting ambitious programs for our broodmares, and Inferno will be an active and important addition to our journey towards building future reining legends».

«Toyon began crossing Inferno 2 years ago. And we have been very rewarded with his babies» said John Tague.  «In particular we are excited to be expecting a 2022 foal by Inferno out of the dam of GUNNASTOP. You can count on Toyon crossing this fantastic sire on our very best mares. His early results with limited crops are nothing short of remarkable» John added.


Source: Slide or Die