World’s Best Riders on the Grass of Chantilly

For its first edition, the Masters of Chantilly will roll out a magnificent green carpet for the world’s best show jumpers and horses in Chantilly

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Bologna, May 19, 2021 – Between the famous castle built by the Duke of Aumale and the majestic Great Stables built 300 years ago by Louis-Henri de Bourbon, the Masters of Chantilly ‘s grassy tracks benefit from the most beautiful historical setting of the international circuit: a unique princely environment.

Large grass arenas that are ideal for show jumping are rare on the international circuit. The Masters of Chantilly offers two: the Great Stables’, with a surface area of 1.5 hectares, and the Castle’s. The turf is the same as that of the racecourse, which is the oldest in continental Europe, having been built in 1836.

It’s on this same princely lawn that the great show jumping champions will compete in 24 classes, including six CSI5* classes, with a total prize money of more than half a million euros.


What will happen in the arena

Riders are offered a comprehensive program where classic events alternate with more original ones.

The Speed Challenge, for example, will be the highlight of the day on Saturday, July 10, at 7pm. Invented by EEM, the organizer of this Masters, the Speed Challenge is the fastest speed class in the world. Each fallen pole is penalized, not with penalties but in seconds. As such a mistake is never irredeemable since the rider can erase it by pushing the gas a little more, heating up the atmosphere for the public.

The highlight of the Masters of Chantilly is the Rolex Grand Prix from 3pm on Sunday, July 11. With Rolex as the official sponsor, official timepiece and title sponsor, and one of the best funds on of the circuit, the Masters of Chantilly feature event, the Rolex Grand Prix promises an exceptional competition between the world’s greatest riders.

Beyond this sporting excellence, the event promises to be grandiose. 450 temporary boxes will be built for the occasion as well as a Prestige Village which will offer entertainment, such as polo initiations; Chantilly’s iconic sport, restaurants, art, culture, and other equestrian and lifestyle boutiques.


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Source: R&B press release