Wbfsh: a gust of new air

Equine Register and Wbfsh joined their views and gave birth to a new-concept website to serve the horse industry. As they say, Spring is time for novelties…

The 'new look' of Wbfsh website

Bologna, April 8, 2021 – The World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (Wbfsh) has recently undergone a refresh of its brand identity and is launching a new website.

The website, which has been introduced to the wider public on 07 April 2021, marks an important step in the organisation’s plans to increase its outreach into the breeding-, as well as the wider equestrian community.

In collaboration with the Equine Register, who custom built the new site, the WBFSH will use this new online platform to develop enhanced opportunities for all of its member studbooks with the aim of creating a vibrant community open to all breeders of sport horses.

The wbfsh.com website in its current format therefore represents the first step in the organization’s aim to reach out to the around 150,000 sport horse breeders worldwide and to offer its current 80 member studbooks a communications platform for information exchange and promotion. It highlights the groundbreaking scientific research work facilitated by the Wbfsh.

WBFSH President Jan Pedersen

«Our vision here at the WBFSH is to create a thriving global community of breeders and studbooks. Our new website will become the engine that will drive our strategy to foster breeding progress to produce the best sport horses. We will achieve this by creating accessible opportunities for information sharing, interaction and participation, open to all breeders worldwide».

Eva-Maria Broomer, Vice-President in charge of Marketing

«We are taking our mission to promote the breeding of the best horses for the sport extremely seriously and are working with leading expert scientists in the field to support performance, equine health, and welfare. The new website will make this important work accessible to all breeders across the globe. Our aim is to delight all visitors and users of the website by creating an enjoyable and informative experience. And to share with the world what is very close to our heart: our genuine passion for sport horse breeding».

Stewart Everett, founder & CEO of the Equine Register

«We are delighted to work with the World Breeding Federation on a ground-breaking website. It matches the statue of the organization for sport horse breeders and studbooks and its remit to represent sport horse breeding on the global stage. Our work with key stakeholders across the world in delivering industry-leading digital solutions gives us the experience and knowledge to collaborate on the WBFSH’s exciting vision. To develop state-of-the art communication solutions to lead breeding into the future».

Nadine Brandtner, General Manager

«With the help of our designer Karen Nysschen we have recently undertaken a revitalisation our logo, which needed a refresh to offer more versatile uses. It continues to feature the image of the mare and foal who represent the core of our identity. But in a modernised way, conveying who we are: an organisation true to its heritage, but also forward looking. Committed to ‘Leading Breeding into the Future’».