Endurance: Città della Pieve scores victory

Wild Horse in Monteleone d’Orvieto keep the promise to set a top international level event to be proud of

Uno dei concorrenti del 3° Trofeo Città della Pieve di Endurance, foto Mario Messarotti

Perugia, July 28th, 2020 – Wild Horse in Monteleone d’Orvieto keep the promise to set a top international level event to be proud of.

Emilio Fratini and his staff, supported by the friends from Il Cavacchione, couldn’t be stopped not even by the lockdown. They promised to organize a top edition for the 3° Città della PIeve Endurance Trophy and the kept their word.
They managed to set the best frame for 8 classes in two day, with about a hundered horses.

The most demanding competition took place on Saturday – CEI2* 122 km, CEIYJ2* 122 km e CEI1* 102 km – on the course that had been prepared with meticulous care by Andrea Volpi.

The national competitions – CEN B, CEN A, Debuttanti, CEN A Under 14 e Debuttanti Under 14 – took place on Sunday.

Among the highlights of the show, it’s nice to mention MCangrande and Luigi Baglioni. The firts one is a horse ‘made in Italy’, a pure Maremmano horse ridden to the third place in the 122 km of the CEIYJ2* by Alice Gurieri. The other one is the ‘granpa’ of Italian endurance: he is 73 years old but… what a character!

The competion was a success, eveything was just fine and fluid: everyome enjoyed it and for this reason, Fausto Risini – major of Città della Pieve – is already watching things in perspective. For 2021, Risini has annonced he wold like to give wider space to equestrian events in the agenda of his city.

Be sure, this promise will be kept!

All the winners
July 25ft (international)
CEI2* Lorenzo Piccolo e Saroual de L’Aigoual 39
CEIYJ2* Elisa Materazzi e Princess by Digoma 29
CEI1* Moniz Giulia e Giorgione 44

July 26th (national)
Debuttanti Under 14 24 km Giorgia Parretti con Ghibli 150
Debuttanti Under 14 non agonisti 24 km Kybett Vinci Giulia con Michelle 147
Cen A Under 14 48 km Matilde Montella con Egiziana 40
Debuttanti 24 km Ivano Guerrini Kimbley
Cen A 48 km Silvia Kybett Vinci con Guernica 76
Cen B 84 km Massimiliano Montomoli con Mashaallah 12

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