Italia. Open To Meraviglia – FEI Jumping European Championship 2023

ENIT, The National Tourism Agency, will be Title Sponsor of the European Jumping Championship 2023 in Milan

Bologna, August 29, 2023 – The FEI Jumping European Championship 2023 scheduled from August 30 to September 3 at the ‘Horse Theatre’ in Milan, the Snai San Siro racecourse, is not only a wonderful sporting adventure but, as of today, also an extraordinary journey through the exploits of horses, and riders. A journey that naturally fits very well with the official announcement by the Organising Committee related to its collaboration with ENIT – the National Tourism Agency as Title Sponsor of this Championship.

In Milan’s busy agenda of sporting events at the European and world level, ‘sports tourists’, such as fans or supporters, are an extraordinary opportunity. Their presence in Italy for sporting purposes can be linked to the possibility to discover its unparalleled beauty and its artistic, cultural, architectural and landscape heritage. Therefore, the great European Jumping Championships event is an important opportunity to promote the ‘Made in Italy’ brand, also thanks to the success of equestrian disciplines in the world.

The Made in Italy brand is already a conspicuous feature of the San Siro ‘Horse Theatre’ thanks to its architectural and historical value, its botanical garden and last but not least to the unrivalled ‘testimonial’ of Leonardo’s Horse – the largest equestrian statue created by the American sculptor Nina Akamu following the original drawings by Leonardo da Vinci – which is a strong identification element for the city of Milan and at the international level.

And so, the appeal of the FEI Jumping European Championship naturally blends with Enit, the National Tourism Agency, starting from its ‘title’ claim ‘Italia. Open to Meraviglia – FEI Jumping European Championship 2023′ that exalts and emphasises Italy’s commitment to the organization of international-level sporting events and in particular to an elite equestrian competition.

The partnership with ENIT, the National Tourism Agency, is part of a broader path that will culminate with the Milan-Cortina Winter Games in 2026. Not only, from a sporting point of view, the European Championship in Milan is a unique opportunity to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Three passes are up for grabs during the competition, a goal that Italy has been missing in the field of jumping for 20 years now.

This partnership is a source of great satisfaction for the Organising Committee for the work done over the last few years, resulting in the assignment of the European Championship to the Snai San Siro Racecourse, the right recognition for an ambitious project that has been developed in a very short time. This racecourse had its equestrian debut in 2021 with a three-star competition, then continued with a four-star event in 2022, up to the highlight event in the 2023 calendar of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI).

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Source: Fei