Hannoveraner Yearbook Stallions 2022

Hanoverian Yearbook Stallions is published. Information on over 500 pages in what is considered a unique tool for every breeder

Bologna, December 21, 2021 – The Hannoveraner Yearbook Stallions 2022 offers, on more than 500 pages, the current breeding value estimation and numerous information on the sires. In addition, all young stallions that were registered for the first time in the stallion book I of the Hannoveraner Verband in 2021 are presented in detail with photos and text.

The Hannoveraner Yearbook Stallions, year after year, is considered an indispensable source of information for every breeder.

The breeding values of the young stallions are eagerly awaited. Asgard’s Ibiza, Carridam, Diatendro, Don Romanov, Finnigan, Florenz, Floris Prince, Fürst Wilhelm, Gandhi, Instertanz V, Morricone, Revolution, Secret and Sezuan are celebrating much-appreciated premieres in the Hannoveraner Yearbook Stallions.

The stallions licensed for Hannover and the Rhineland can be found in the yearbook with information about stallion performance tests and competition successes. Breeding values from mare performance tests, studbook inspections, auction pre-selections and competition are published as well as offspring successful in sport and breeding.

The breeding values of the German Equestrian Federation combined with the breeding value estimation of the Hannoveraner Verband make the Yearbook Stallions a unique tool for every breeder.

The stallions newly licensed for Hanover are presented in detail with attractive photos, pedigree and information on the dam line. In addition, the results of the stallion performance test or sport results are included.

The Hanoverian Yearbook Stallions 2022 costs 25 Euros plus shipping costs and is available at the Hannoveraner Verband.