KEP Italia launches the new global “safety first” campaign

KEP Italia, leading company in the production of riding helmets entirely made in Italy, launches the new global “safety first” campaign – “2018 will be the year of safety”.

Grumello del Monte (BG, ITA), January 23, 2018 –   KEP Italia, leading company in the production of riding helmets entirely made in Italy, is a young company born only 10 years ago. In these years KEP Italia has grown exponentially and has achieved excellent results thanks to its values: quality of the product, design, innovation, but above all constant attention to the safety of the rider.
We pay great attention to the certifications, because they are the only parameter that can guarantee the real protective capacity of a riding helmet – the founders Lelia Polini and Bianca Collet-Serret said they imply tests and verifications that attest the conformity of helmets to unequivocal and certain safety standards”.
The attention devoted to safety is so low that the protection of the rider is too often overlooked and put into the background. Only when an incident has happened, people wonder if it could be avoided through the use of suitable protective equipments. Therefore, KEP Italia wanted to launch the “safety first” campaign.

Safety First is a simple and clear motto, which embodies a deeper message: the desire to protect riders, to prevent accidents to the head as much as possible, to safeguard the life and health of those who practical riding through a simple gesture: wear a helmet that guarantees maximum protection.

Safety first: before esthetics, fashion and design. “We would like to start thinking and designing the helmet as an instrument of protection rather than an accessory closely linked to an aesthetic factor Lelia Polini said The task of Kep Italia will be to protect riders throughout their path, from the first lesson up to the great national and international competitions“.

Safety first represents the beginning of a journey that will lead KEP Italia to focus on spreading safety culture and on even greater awareness of this issue, with concrete actions aimed at reaching riders directly. “It will be an even more difficult challenge to spread a shared safety culture to a wider public,” Lelia Polini explained.

Among the goals of KEP Italia there is the desire that every rider can understand what is the level of protection of his own helmet, paying great attention to certifications, which are the only real guarantee of reliability. Secondly, there is a commitment to spread the rules for wearing a helmet in safety. “It is important to choose a safe and certified product, but it’s has also to be suitable for the size of the person and the shape of the head, the strap is fastened correctly and so onLelia Polini said without these measures a safe product is useless“.

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