Valencia in doubt. New venue for Eu Youth Championship?

Valencia’s organizing committee cancels the two Cdi scheduled in April. But the Eu Dressage Championships for Junior & Young Rider is also seriously at risk

Overview on Ces in Valencia

Bologna, April, 6, 2021 – The two Cdi scheduled on 15 – 18 April and 22 – 25 April in Valencia have been cancelled.

The organising committee at the CES Valencia explained in a note that they are still doing damage control and checking the impact the outbreak of Ehv-1 had on their location. Either in economic and psychological terms.

Therefore, the Spanish organisers gave up the two Cdi scheduled in April – on 15 – 18 April and 22 – 25 April – that would had signed the return to competitions after the stop set by Fei.

But they also announced that there’s no certainty about the Fei 2021 European Youth Championships on 5 – 11 July 2021.

«Despite the efforts CES Valencia is making to ensure that the facilities are ready to restart the competition, we still have no certainty from the health authorities when the facilities will be authorized to host competitions», the organizer added. «This is why we are studying a change of venue».

No or very little details about a change in venue for the Europeans have been unveiled jet.  So, as they say… Stay tuned