Horses Riviera Cpedi: yes we can

For its Cpedi in February, Horses Riviera Resort is organising genuine Italian hospitality: no entry fee and free lunch for athletes


Bologna, 22 December 2021 – The Paralympic movement has made great strides in recent years and the Cpedi have become regular events on the international calendar.

A positive note that often clashes with the huge difficulties and costs that Paralympic athletes – and para-athletes in general – have to face in order to organise their trips.

Aware of this situation, for its 3* Cpedi in February in San Giovanni in Marignano, the expert organisers of the Horses Riviera Resort have thought it through… And have chosen to send ‘in the rectangle’ a competition marked by maximum inclusion.

As stated in a note, the OC of the Horses Riviera Resort will fully cover the entry fees and will have the pleasure of having all competitors as welcome guests for lunch from Thursday to Sunday.

The secretariat is working to verify whether competitors will be required to cover only the starting fee to Fei.

Competitors will have to look after any health documentation if required.

Horses Riviera Resort CO said that there will be no cash prizes. Instead, there will be prizes in objects, offered by the main brands that have always been close to the world of paradressage.

As stated in the note announcing this inclusive approach, the jury and the official will also be fully paid by the organizing committee.


Source: press release