Uce lauches a fundraiser from equestrian people to Bergamo. Hurry up guys

Unione Centri Equestri

Bergamo, 31 marzo 2020 – «It’s time to think of people. Let’s stop with hearts and likes: we need to act». Marco Cotinovis explanes what the Unione Centri Equestri in Bergamo is actually doing – right from the middle of one of the most severly beaten area of Italy – to fight Covid-19.

«We have launched a fundraiser to buy breathing apparatus that will be installed in the temporary hospital that, at this exact moment, the National Alpine Association is finishing to prepare in Bergamo. It is time for all equestrian people to stop thinking of tricks to ride despite restrictions. We must realize that everyone’s help is needed to survive. Here in Bergamo one family out of four is affected by Coronavirus, but we do not want to focus on negative things. We want to draw attention to what we can really do: any little or big donation will help us to put more breathing apparatus available to all the patients that are in danger for their life».

Many have already joined this initiative: Marco Di Paola, Vittorio Orlandi, Lorenzo De Luca, Alberto Zorzi and many, many others whose names you can see directly on the dedicated Gofundme platform, from which donations can be made directly.

We believe that other friends will be joining them soon because horse people are a family, and this is exactly the moment in which the protection of a family is mostly needed.

The Bergamo temporary hospital will be «…the largest civilian field hospital in Europe – anticipates national president Ana Sebastiano Favero -. It will be activated in a very short time, from 72 to 96 hours».

So hurry up guys!