Sport, health, environment: Fei Endurance World Championship Verona 2022

Sport, environment and health among the missions of the Fei Endurance World Championship in Isola della Scala. Greetings from Malagò and Albiero

Bologna, June 13, 2022 – Requalifying and protecting the environment and rural heritage. This is the mission while approaching the FEI Endurance World Championship Verona 2022 (Isola della Scala, 19-23 October). The organizing machine is running at full speed.

«This World Championship – declared Diego Albiero, Event President FEI Endurance Championship Verona 2022 – outcomes from a continuously growing relationship, in terms of sharing, with the productive excellences of our territory. We are a continuum with Isola della Scala. We are part of the whole that contributes to enhance the local tourist-cultural system».

A shared vision

«The synergy with the municipality of Isola della Scala, with the Rice Fair Authority and with the farms in the area – Diego Albiero underlines – has been based for the past three years on a shared passion for horses and the environment».

Endurance, as a discipline, eases the full identification of the territory on which the competition takes place. The tracks, predominantly on country roads, show the environment in all its original and unspoilt beauty.


Malagò: «A united front towards an environmentally sustainable sport»

The eagerly awaited Fei Endurance World Championship Verona 2022, which will be organised by Veronafiere, is welcome by CONI President Giovanni Malagò. «From 19 to 23 October Endurance best horse and rider combinations will honour the Verona stage, which is deeply committed to the promotion of eco-sustainable tourism. Our movement is also united in facing this challenge, according to the new rules of engagement dictated by the IOC, which make respect for the environment the founding theme of the path destined to accompany sport into the future. On behalf of myself and the Italian National Olympic Committee, I extend my sincerest thanks to the organisers, emphasising the significance of the teamwork between Veronafiere, the Municipality, the Isola della Scala Fair Authority and Garda Endurance, for the perfect success of the event».