Siberian Maslenitsa Festival, a Russian Equestrian Event

The Siberian Maslenitsa Festival is in Altaj Krai (RUS), village Novotyryshkino, within the tourist complexes “Siberian Compound” and “Gold of Altai” on 9th Saturday March 2019

Novotyryshkino (RUS), February 20, 2019 – Maslenitsa is an ancient Slavic holiday that came from pagan culture and survived after the adoption of Christianity. Maslenitsa for many centuries has preserved the character of a national party. All the traditions of Maslenitsa are aimed at driving away winter and waking nature from its sleep. Pancake Day was greeted with great songs on a snow slide. The symbol of Maslenitsa was a stuffed straw figure dressed in women’s clothes, with which they had fun, and then buried or burned on a fire.

Pancakes are the main treat and symbol of Maslenitsa. They are baked every day from Monday, but especially a lot from Thursday to Sunday. The tradition to bake pancakes has been in Russia since the time of the worship of pagan gods. After all, it was the sun god Yarilo who was called upon to chase away the winter, and the round ruddy pancake is very similar to the summer sun.

The widest, richest and brightest Maslenitsa of the country is held in Altai. “Siberian Maslenitsa” is an excellent reason to relax in the region, which is called a place of power, as well as get acquainted with the national traditions, to plunge into the culture of Russia.

Over the past years, the Siberian Maslenitsa Festival has grown from a local holiday to a large-scale event, acquiring in 2014 the status and format of the international Festival of Festivals.

The festival “Siberian Maslenitsa” is invariably an event designed to revive the original Russian traditions and introduce the younger generation of Russians to the national cultural values.

At the event, guests can enjoy all sorts of entertainment: performances by folklore groups, entertainment programs, a variety of fairground fun and attractions, contests, pancake and hunting rows, master classes in folk crafts.

The central event of the Festival “Siberian Maslenitsa” is always the equestrian festival “Gold of Altai”. One of the best hippodromes of Siberia will welcome everyone to see the scope and beauty of the competitions, in which the best racers and trotters of Russia take part. The highlight of the competition is the only races of the Russian triplets in the world, formed from horses of prize breeds. Experts from all over the world come to see this unique spectacle in Belokurikha.

Unique in its beauty and entertainment races on Russian troika is not only a decoration of hippodrome competitions, but also one of the constituent parts of Russian culture.

Location: Russia, Altai Krai, Novotyryshkino village, tourist complexes “Siberian Compound” and “Gold of Altai” – 9 March 2019

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