Et-Jung: why not?

Worldwide known Michael Jung posted a short comment yesterday evening and started a new opinion mouvement on a simple question: why we should stay with no European Eventing Championship next year?

Michael Jung, argento europeo a Luhmuhlen nel 2019 © Oliver Hardt/Getty Images for FEI

Bologna, November 30th – Always in line with his reputation as a hard worker made in Germany, humble as if titles and medals were not his, calm as only a great horseman can be, Michael Jung launched yesterday in the late afternoon a post on his facebook page asking the eventing community to share the topic.
The theme? The ‘non’-European Eventing Championship 2021.

Here’s what the champion writes

❗Information about European Eventing Championships 2021 ❗

Dear followers, friends, and eventing fans,

I believe most of you have meanwhile recognized that the FEI has cancelled the European Eventing Championships 2021 allegedly because of the Olympic Games.
Although a few weeks ago the FEI has also published that the European Championships in dressage and show-jumping will take place in 2021.

So I do ask myself ‘Why can there not be European Championships in eventing as well’ ?

There is a motivated and experienced team in Switzerland at Avenches around the organizer Jean-Pierre Kratzer which has shown in 2020 that they have everything what is needed to host a Championship: very good facilities, experience, financial strength and more essential key criteria you need to host an event like this.

Also the date possible date is known: 22.-26.09.2021

I don’t understand why we should not take this amazing chance to have a great event next year and to have equal rights in our discipline like the other disciplines.
It is so necessary that the eventing sport has an event like the Europeans (especially due to the fact that there will only be three riders representing each nation at the OG) for all parties involved: riders, owners, grooms, breeders, fans and families and all our sponsors.

This little statement is just an information for all of you because this morning, after having talked to friends like Joseph Murphy or Maxime Livio, I realized that and no one knows that there actually is an organizer who is highly motivated to give us the chance to have European Championships next year.

Maybe we can all work together and find a solution?
Please share and talk about this situation.

Thank you